Solutions driving customer centricity through innovation and multi-step payment journeys.

Simplify the payments experience for your customers.


With more ways for customers to pay, our end-to-end payment solutions increase repeat customers and potential revenue for you. We're constantly expanding our range of payment solutions to meet the changing demands of your customers.

Our multi-channel, multi-currency platform means that you can accept secure payments from virtually anywhere in the world. Let us help you build simple payment journeys for your customers.

Capture many more opportunities to accept card payments.

Integrated and
Mobile Terminals
IoT Development and Integration
Biller Management
Card Issuing
Loyalty Programs
Recurring Payments
Terminal Management
EMV Processing

PCI DSS Level 1 Complaint

We provide the most comprehensive single framework to address all the security, data integrity and privacy policies to minimise risk and build a secure network.

Start smart - work with the SimplePay team to set up your account, simplify your operations and grow your business.

We make light work of accepting, managing and simplifying the challenges of accepting card payments.

Our online payment gateway lets you add, edit and access your revenue data 24/7.

We reduce your administrative burden of processing payments and PCI compliance.

We guarrantee an up-time of 99.99%.

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