Unattended payments for vendors, cities, parking and transit operators.

Unattended Payments

SimplePay is the driving force behind EMV certified unattended payment systems offered in cities all over the world, cities that are transitioning to sustainable urban mobility with fluid payment environments. We run over  a multitude of  payment terminals touching millions of consumers all over the world every day.

Unattended payments is perfect for these sectors:

Parking Operators
Local Government
Shopping Centres
Other Self-Service

Parking and Transit
Strategic partnerships with the world's leading technology vendors allow SimplePay to offer cross technology and cross environment payment systems.

Multi-step Unattended Payments
Urban mobility planning globally is focussed on reducing congestion in cities by providing parking and transit services on the city-fringes, and providing concessional discounts to park and then use public transport...

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Vending and Kiosks
With the rise in demand for self service and machine-based vending, SimplePay offers a comprehensive product set to allow customers to tailor their payment infrastructure to meet their specific needs.

Product Name
SimplePay delivers turnkey unattended payments, offering a “fully inclusive” service that allows for deployment in as little as 48 hours.

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Online Payments
Point Of Sale
Unattended Payments
Unified Commerce

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