Online payments for any business type and setup.

Accept payments on any device with all popular payment methods and grow your business faster around the world.

Online Payments

Get in front of the ever-changing payments landscape, and offer more payment methods and types to your customers. We take the pain out of acceptance by offering over 350 on-demand payment connectors in over 150 countries.  

Faster, simpler, better payments.

Allow your customers to make fast and secure payments reducing dropped carts and increasing total revenues.
We ensure that every customer can pay in their preferred method without alleviating  the compliance and processing burden on your business.

Omnichannel Payments

Online Retail
Offer more payment types and options to your customers in multiple currencies with a global single-view platform.
Recurring Payments
Recurring payments keep customers coming back for more with single click and subscription payments.
In-app and Mobile
Create seamless ecommerce, in-app, web and mobile payment experiences.
Unified Commerce
Provide consistent payment experiences across all sales channels.

Easy integration with Simplepay.js

Integrate your own payment page but transmit data directly from the client's browser to the SimplePay gateway, significantly reducing your scope for PCI compliance.

Reinforce your brand with a customised payment page.

Provide a seamless payment environment for your customers with our web-based service HostPay. Personalise the online payment page with your own company logo.

Use data and in-depth customer insights to increase revenue.

The rich capabilities of the gateway are supported by an intuitive business intelligence portal which provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring transactions, optimising processing paths and identifying anomalies and trends. Through flexible data analysis and graphic visualisation capabilities, users can easily monitor and report on the performance of their transactions as well as easily adapt strategies when needed.

Accept more payment methods worldwide.
Secure hosted payment page solutions for bill payments.
Detailed reporting and revenue optimisation tools.
Simplified compliance  including PCI DSS GPDR and PSD2.
Detailed customer insights and data on all payment channels.
Smart fraud prevention and risk management.
Simplified checkout widget and SDKs for any device.
Completely secure tokenised payments solution.
Online Payments
Point Of Sale
Unattended Payments
Unified Commerce

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