Omnichannel Tokenisation.

Introducing Portable Payments by SimplePay. Tokenise your payments and KYC data, and securely call on it across all your payments channels.

The core to multi-step payments.

More than ever, the need to focus on customer-centric solutions that simplify the consumption of goods and services in your business is paramount. The age of disruption through digitisation means that no business can afford a poor customer experience.

At SimplePay we map the customer journey and take a proactive technical approach to simplify and enhance the journey of consumption. By tokenising in the core, we can create what typically seem complex links across multiple channels to provide more fluid experiences.


Multi-step payments typically involves multiple parties with multiple disparate systems. By creating technical relationships between them we introduce Portable Payments.

• Payments and KYC Tokenisations
• Tokenisation across every payment channel
• Tokenisation across technology platforms
• Tokenisation across related parties

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