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Our Story

SimplePay was founded in 2012 with the primary focus of helping technology vendors and their customers streamline their payments acceptance and operations.

Since  our inception it became clear that key high-volume consumer industries all had very common challenges on a common journey towards customer- centricity that SimplePay set out to solve.


Founded in Australia.
1st Europay,  Mastercard and Visa  (EMV) transaction.
Europe & United Kindom Expansion.
Global E-commerce Launched.
Strategic Technology Partnerships in Tourism sector.
UAE Expansion.
20000 global endpoints. Peak Processing >5m transactions per month.
US Expansion commenced. Contracted for 60,000 endpoints globally.
We provide payment solutions that streamline customer interactions across multiple technology and financial partners seamlessly.
We are the leader in multi-step payment journeys, and help our partners and their clients to deploy efficient customer-centric solutions.
We allow our clients to launch quickly with innovative, secure and certified payment solutions.
We foster cultural diversity to support our global operations. Our people are our clients people and a natural extension of their businesses.
We are always available and accessible so that all our clients have a direct touch point in our business.
We believe in direct detailed conversations to understand and solve complex payment journeys.

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